The cremation urns and keepsake pendants are a meaningful gift for any pet owner or animal lover. Whether it is to commemorate and pay tribute to the loss of a beloved pet or simply to celebrate the emotional attachment between a pet and their owners. There is a wide selection fitting any occasion. I carry a fresh and current product line. I also provide wholesale prices for any intereested supplier.

These carefully selected, handmade pieces are an expression of the appreciation of the unconditional love and companionship our pets have provided. They are very much a part of the “family”, and deserve to be recognized as such.  Our cremation urn pendants bring memories to an even more personal level by holding a small portion of cremains, lock of hair or burial soil.

This trend is catching on quickly because it can be a very private tribute and it also allows all members of the family to be comforted by feeling the presence of this “Special Member of the Family” close to their heart no matter where they are.  This jewellery will surely become treasured heirlooms in your family that can be passed down to the next generation.

These beautiful pendants can also be draped over a favourite picture of your loved one.

Our family recently experienced the loss of our precious dog, Burton, a 12-year-old shiatsu mix. We also have another sweet little blond terrier mix named Bailey. I was actually blown away with the profound grief and devastating heartache that we, including Bailey, experienced and were not prepared for.

We instantly gathered all of Burton’s dog tags, vet books, favourite toys, and any piece of Burton that we could put our hands on. I actually kept his collar in my purse as a small treasured momentum.

Burton and Bailey

Burton and Bailey

Not too long afterwards I decided the best way to pay tribute and celebrate our beloved pet’s lives, whether they had passed on or are still with us, is with this heartfelt line of memorable and loving jewellery.

The response was immediately positive from friends, family members and perfect strangers. The initial reaction in wearing these unique and individual pieces of jewellery was an “inviting conversation” about the love we all hold in our hearts for our special “family members”. These carefully chosen pieces help to keep their “spirit alive”, and close to our hearts.

My company “Leash and Collars” is also a tribute to my late father, Emmett, who grew up on a farm in P.E.I., and taught us as a family, the appreciation and affection for all animals.

He would be very proud.


Emmett and Tyson